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Boilers & Hot Water Heaters


While for some the thought of a boiler might conjure images of old-timey buildings and movies, the truth is that boilers are actually quite effective and efficient, and a great option for heating your home! With the help of A & A Services, you can have a boiler installed in your home in no time at all; our expert technicians have years of experience with this equipment and all of its types, so you can be assured your installation will be done safe and correctly.

The Right Size

Like most heating systems, it's very important that you pick out a boiler that is the right size for your home, or the space you are looking to heat. A small boiler attempting to heat a large space will struggle inefficiently to do so, whereas a large boiler has a big cost initially, and may not be able to maintain a comfortable or consistent temperature to your liking.

When it comes to boilers, the square footage of your home does not correlate exactly to the size of the boiler you need. That is to say, a large home may not necessarily need a large boiler. There are a number of factors that go into determining the right size of a boiler, and our technicians at A & A Services are well aware of all the information needed and used in this process. We can make sure you choose the boiler that is right for your home, and insure that it is installed just right.

Choosing to Replace

If you're in the market to replace a current boiler, or are unsure when would be the best time to do so, we suggest not putting it off as long as possible. Though a new boiler is a substantial investment, the costs to repair existing boilers that are being problematic can also be quite expensive, not to mention the increased energy bills from reduced efficiency. Newer models are almost always more efficient than older models (especially if the older model is more than 10 years old), so while the up-front cost may seem unattractive, remember that the savings you will earn from increased efficiency often helps the new installation pay for itself.

Maintenance and Repair

Whether you've just installed a new boiler, or are looking to get an older one serviced, it's always a good idea to schedule an annual tune-up and maintenance to make sure it will run up to and past its life expectancy. Our services A & A Services were created and setup with your satisfaction in mind, to make sure your boiler runs smoothly and without trouble. Our technicians can work on any variety of boilers, and are ready for any repair job, minor or major. So do your boiler a favor, and schedule maintenance or a repair job with us today and at your convenience, so you don't have to worry about the inconvenience of surprising emergency repairs later!

Water Heaters

Traditional Tank Water Heaters
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Electric
  • 6yr Warranty
  • 10yr Warranty
  • Tall, Medium, Short
  • Energy Efficient
Most people rarely think about their water heater until there is no hot water or a leak in the tank. Either way, a person soon realizes that there are choices to be made about the water heater. Today there are many options for water heating products ranging from traditional storage tank water heaters, solar systems, high efficiency condensing and tankless units. Whatever your choice is, it's always important to know that you are purchasing the best product for your money.  
Traditional storage tank water heaters are manufactured to high safety, energy and air quality standards these days, a few key things to look for when purchasing a new water heater include;
  • Warranty  
  • Energy Rating
  • FHR (First Hour Rating)


In our experience, it is important that the company that installs your water also provide the warranty service. The manufacturer will always honor the warranty, but you need to have a reliable company that will diagnose and service the water heater in the event there is an issue within the warranty period. Not all companies service the brands they install, prior to purchasing a unit ask who will provide service if there is a problem within the warranty period. Water Heaters Only, Inc always backs the warranty on the units we install. Our customers are too important for us to refer them to a different service company for warranty work after the installation is complete.

Energy Rating

Gas storage tank water heaters have an energy rating between .54 and .62 depending on the internal insulation and gallon capacity. Gas water heaters with a .62 rating are considered energy efficient and will save a small amount on annual operating costs, but the cost of the unit is only slightly more. These tanks usually have more insulation and are wider, they may not fit in all installation applications, but it's worth it to ask if they are available and will fit in your home.
Electric storage tank water heaters have an energy rating between .90 and .94 depending on the internal insulation and gallon capacity. Electric water heaters are very efficient, but due to electricity costing more than gas, an electric water heater costs more to operate than a gas unit. If you have an electric water heater installed outside you can add a blanket to help save a small amount of the operating costs. Electric water heaters are available in tall, medium and short models and are usually easier to install because they do not require a flue vent system or gas hook up.

FHR (first hour rating)

The first hour rating on a water heater tells you how much hot water the tank will produce in the first hour of usage (the hot water in the tank + how much new hot water the tank will make while it's being used). FHR can be helpful in understanding how much hot water you will have available versus how much hot water you want to be able to use. Generally, units with a higher FHR have more BTU input and offer a better recovery rate. They will reheat quicker so you don't have to wait for hot water between showers or baths. If you run out of hot water frequently it might be a good idea to see if you can increase the gallon capacity of the tank you have when it's time for replacement. 
Tankless Water Heaters
  • Endless Hot Water
  • 82% to 95% Energy Efficient
  • Heats Water On Demand
  • No Tank To Leak
  • Space Saver
  • Remote Control Options
  • Long Lasting
Water Heaters Only, Inc installs tankless water heaters in most of our service areas. Our technicians receive factory training and certification by the manufacturers to install tankless water heaters.  Our customers have been very pleased with the Tankless water heating systems we've installed for them.
In our experience, they are not in every home, but can provide endless hot water and save space for many homeowners. Tankless water heaters are more environmentally friendly than tank type water heaters, by saving up to 30% on energy usage. Combine the space saving features with energy savings and a tankless water heater may be the right choice for you. 

 Tankless Water Heater Installations

  • Endless Hot Water Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, thus they do not run out of hot water. This type of water heating system can be useful for large families or for homes with larger hot water demands - for example, homes with a  soaking tub or spa system are often good candidates for a tankless system.  If  you are unsatisfied with your current water heater, consider converting to a tankless water heater system.  While traditional storage water tanks are compared based on gallon capacity, recovery rate and first hour rating, tankless hot water heaters are compared based on flow rate.  As long as the home uses hot water at a flow rate below the tankless heater's maximum flow rate, there is endless hot water.  Important to note: Tankless units do not provide instant hot water as hot water still takes time to flow from the unit to the destination. If you are interested in instant hot water call and ask one of our experts about recirculation systems. Depending on the configuration of your plumbing, we may be able to install a circulation system for you.
  • Energy Efficient Tankless water heaters on average will save 20% to 40% on energy use compared with storage tank type water heaters. The most efficient tankless water heaters have a 92% to 95% efficiency compared to traditional gas storage tanks that operate at a maximum 62% efficiency. Tankless units typically operate at over 80% energy efficiency.  Tankless water heaters save most energy because water is not constantly heated, cooled and re-heated like within a storage tank.  
  •  Space Saver Tankless water heaters are much smaller and are more versatile for installation. You can even hang them on the wall or locate them outside and they are about 1/4 of the size of a tank type water heater, this can free up space inside your home or garage.
  •  Long Life Expectancy If maintained properly tankless water heaters can sometimes last twice as long as a traditional storage tank. The Average life expectancy of storage tank water heaters is approximately 8 to 12 years.
  •  Sizing a Tankless Water Heater In our experience flow rate is the most important factor in sizing your tankless water heater. Tankless units heat water on demand (when you open your faucet) unlike traditional storage tanks that heat when the tank temperature drops below a set point. Tankless units hot water heater sizes are measured by their per minute flow rate rather than by their gallon capacity. Most tankless water heater manufacturers offer several models to meet different flow rate needs.  Flow rates for most major brands range from four to eight gallon per minute. Typically, the smaller four to five gallon per minute water heaters are suitable for smaller apartments and small one bathroom home. For single family residences with two bathrooms or more, we strongly recommend installing a six to eight gallons per minute unit. These tankless water heaters are designed to service two or three applications at the same time. For very large homes, restaurant or other commercial applications, there are many other options including installing multiple tankless units in series.
Electric Water Heaters
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Point of Use
  • Variety of Gallon Capacity Models
  • Electric Hybrid Models
  • 6yr Warranty
  • 10yr Warranty
  • Tall, Medium, Short
  • Energy Efficiency .90 - .98
  • Dual Elements
  • Dual Thermostats
Electric water heaters are available in gallon capacity sizes for 2.5 gallons up to 120 gallons. They are very versatile and can be installed in almost any location as long as there is a water supply and the correct electrical supply. Residential electric water heaters generally range from 30 gallons to 52 gallons. For large homes or when solar systems are present capacities range from 66 to120 gallons. Residential electric tanks typically have a 240 volt electrical connection.
In commercial businesses such a gas station and office buildings we often see a smaller point of use units in 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 gallon capacities installed. This type of water heater provides a small amount of hot water and can be installed directly at the fixture. These water heaters come prewired with a 120 volt connection and can be hardwired or plugged in depending on the application.
Larger and more powerful commercial electric water heaters range from 2.5 to 175 gallons. They also come with a wide range of electrical options. Tanks can be wired from 3kw (kilowatt) to 90kw depending on the need. They are also available with 120 volt, 208 volt, 240 volt or 480 volt wiring. These water heaters are designed to provide high volumes of hot water.
If you are replacing a commercial electric water heater, we always recommend you get the specs directly from the existing water heater if possible, including model number, serial number, kilowatt hours, and voltage. This way you can match the old specs with the new heater. It is important to find a model with the exact specs for safety purposes when doing a replacement installation.
High Efficiency Water Heaters
  • 90% to 96% Energy Efficient
  • Condensing Technology
  • Dual Anode Rods
  • PVC Venting
  • Higher BTU Input
  • Electric Heat Pump
  • Energy Savers 
In addition to tankless water heaters, there are a variety of high efficiency storage tank type water heaters available today. Gas condensing and electric heat pump style units are more efficient than most tankless water heaters. Upgrading to a high efficiency water heater will cost more upfront than replacing a traditional type water heater, but they save more on energy costs in the long run. Often times they will produce more hot water, but not take up any more space than your old water heater.
A condensing water heater has a draft inducing fan that pushes the fuel-air mixture into a sealed combustion chamber inside the tank. As the fuel burns combustion gas is exhausted through the heat exchanger - a coiled steel tube inside the water heater - rather than being exhausted out a flue vent to the atmosphere like conventional style water heaters. The surface of the heat exchanger is so large that the heat is transferred to the water efficiently.
The gases then cool releasing heat that also heats the water inside the tank. This is a much more efficient way to heat water than having a large burner at the bottom and letting the gases and heat escape up the flue vent. 
An electric heat pump water heater is one energy saving option if your existing water heater is powered by electricity. Most electric water heaters are already more efficient than gas models, but with electricity costs so high they often cost more to operate than a gas water heater. The new designed heat pump water heaters can save up to 50% on operating costs when they are installed in optimal conditions. The units use a heat pump that extracts the heat from the warm ambient air around the water heater. It uses a compressor to increase the temperature of the water inside the tank, then the heat pump releases the cooler air back to the atmosphere outside the water heater. These water heaters work best in warmer climates and usually need to be installed in a small room for optimal energy savings.
Commercial Water Heaters
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Care Homes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Salons
  • Industrial Facilities
Water Heaters Only, Inc installs all types of commercial water heaters. Most commercial water heaters are rated by the FHR (first hour rating), this is the amount of hot water the unit can produce in the first hour of usage. The FHR is determined by the BTU'S and the gallon capacity of a commercial water heater. 
Common Commercial Water Heater Sizes
Light Duty
100 Gallon
83,000 BTU'S 
Medium Duty
100 Gallon
199,000 BTU'S
Heavy Duty
80 Gallon
512,000 BTU'S
To find the BTU input and gallon capacity of your commercial water heater look at the manufacturer's label (also known as the rating plate) on the upper portion of your commercial water. See our sample label / rating plate:

199,000 BTU'S / 93 Gallon
Water Heaters Only, Inc can properly size a new commercial water heater or will replace your existing water heater with the most comparable type of unit available today. New commercial water heaters have undergone energy code upgrades and are now manufactured to meet more stringent air quality standards.